• Identify tracts suitable for development to meet targeted market segment(s).
  • Negotiate contract-to-purchase with owners.
  • Conduct feasibility studies using appropriate outside consultants when necessary.
    • Preliminary title report evaluation as to listed “exceptions”
    • Environmental audit
    • Wetlands evaluation
    • Availability and feasibility of MUD utility services
    • Drainage feasibility and concept – preliminary review with Harris County Flood Control District
    • Conceptual land plan and market study
    • Preliminary cost estimates
    • Product type and absorption forecast
    • Economic projections and proforma

Development Planning Engineering, Construction

  • Select (as necessary) all major consultants: engineer, land-planner, MUD attorney, etc.
  • Develop detailed master plan based on analysis of targeted market segments.
  • Secure MUD commitment and financing agreement for services or create MUD.
  • Establish logical phasing of development.
  • Supervise preparation of detailed engineering plans, plats and cost estimates.
  • Shepherd and monitor governmental agency approvals – City, County, Harris County Flood Control District, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  • Supervise bid process and awarding of contacts for construction.
  • Oversee construction process and governmental acceptance of infrastructure improvements.
  • Obtain commitments for service from CenterPoint Energy, Entex, Entergy, TXU, SBC and cable companies and monitor installation.
  • Provide for subdivision maintenance during build-out such as lot mowing, trash removal, street sweeping, street and curb repair, etc.

Project Financing

As authorized by owner:

  • Prepare and present loan request package to appropriate lenders.
  • Negotiate loan commitment and documentation.
  • Forecast and implement any necessary refinancing during development.

Land Sales

  • Select targeted builders and negotiate lot or land purchase contracts.
  • Coordinate documentation and closing process.
  • Provide any necessary marketing and advertising support – use outside consultants as needed.
  • Supervise and coordinate all builder related activities in the development for public utility services and community services.
  • Monitor builder sales programs and negotiate changes as needed to contracts to meet changes in the marketplace for end product.

Project Financial/Accounting Control

  • Feasibility analysis of project.
    • Profitability analysis
    • Cash flow analysis
  • Project budgeting – revising as required.

Municipal Utility District Operations and Funding

  • Coordinate all MUD activity with consultants to ensure development and financial issues are being properly addressed.
  • Maintain detail of reimbursable costs for future bond issues and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality review.
  • Coordinate bond report preparation with engineer, attorney and financial advisor.
  • Monitor progress of bond issue(s) through Texas Commission on Environmental Quality review process.
  • Work with MUD auditor to assure maximum return of cash from the bond issue.
  • Communicate effectively with the MUD Board of Directors to maintain good relations.

Property Owners Association

  • Oversee the creation of workable deed restrictions for the project that will maintain values; oversee preparation of articles, by-laws; coordinate creation of association.
  • Create Architectural Review Committee and supervise plan review.
  • Retain and oversee property management company’s activities.

Administrative Management

  • Insurance
    • Adequacy analysis with owner’s representative.
    • Certificate of Insurance coordination with lenders, suppliers, and builders.
  • Builder payoffs and contract analysis.
    • Deeds, partial releases, notices, etc. to title companies.
    • Analyze builder performance vs. lot pay-off contracts and take appropriate action.
    • Monitor developer obligation to builders under their contracts.